GDPR for startups (based in Spain)


All the information regarding the new GDPR las is diffuse, complex, full of formalities and ambiguous. All this together with the 25th May 2018 deadline accompanied with large fines is generating a stir of uncertainty and relative panic in the entrepreneurail and startup ecoystem. While it’s true that we’ve had a lot of time to prepare it, we all put this kinds of things to the last minute. The lack of clarity in the definition of it has generated a situation of “wait & see” until others or larger companies do.

Such situation has led me to investigate on my own and ask several experts in the area. In this article I’ve tried to summarize the most important things that can affect startups by adapting the formal language into practice. I hope it can help you at least to decrease the uncertainty that this law is generating.

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Paid acquisition channels. Which one should we choose?

paid acquisition channels

Among one of the many responsibilities of a Head of Growth, CMO or Head of User Acquisition, it is necessary to plan and distribute the company’s marketing budget through different paid acquisition channels.  There are plenty of existing paid acquisition channels to grow our business, and if we could have an unlimited budget, we would surely try to use all of them. However, considering that marketing budget, regardless of their size, is finite we should ask ourselves these questions: what’s the best way to distribute the budget? What are the best paid channels to use? In which moment should we choose one or another?

This article does not intend to explain what the steps are for executing a user acquisition campaign neither does it describes all possible acquisition channels to use. The aim of this article is to help improving the vision of the person in charge of the company’s growth choosing between all different paid acquisition channels based on criteria such as market share or potential market through a simple framework. This model has been developed based on framework described by Eric Seufert in his article “Brand marketing and performance marketing could co-exist on mobile” which explains the relationship between “performance” and “brand marketing” based on such a model. It is important to mention that this article applies to the “mobile app” ecosystem although it could be extrapolated to other sectors.

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Model and measure the customer lifecycle

customer lifecycleUnderstanding the customer lifecycle is fundamental both in product design and customer management (CRM) in order to optimize engagement and, consequently, increase revenue and product sustainability. There is plenty of information on the web about what lifecycle is and its importance in business , marketing and strategy optimization. However, there is almost no information or references about how to measure the customer lifecycle. The little information out there is scarce, theoretical and subjective. Measuring the customer lifecycle allows us to understand which is the best time to send a promotion or to know how much time is needed for a customer to understand your product. The purpose of this article is to provide an objective and practical way to model and calculate the customer lifecycle in order to be able to define and set up marketing and product strategies with a better criteria.

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Communication channels for a CRM in Marketing

communication channelsIn any B2C business’s Marketing department based on direct communication within the customers the Marketing Manager manages the user acquisition channels. Moreover, the Customer Relationships Manager or CRM Manager manages the communication channels within the customers and final users with the final objetive to increase user retention and reduce customer churn.

Furthermore, the CRM Manager should know all existing user communication channels, their context, objectives to achieve with each of them and how they are measured aligning them with the company’s marketing strategy.

The main contexts for the communication with the customers are engagement, customer support and communications for the customer lifecycle management.

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Social casino entry barriers

Social Casino

Product and technology are one of the most valuable parts of any Social Casino company. Whilst real-money gaming industry is competing with relatively similar products and different CPA offers, the Social Casino industry differs by mainly competing through their game quality and increasing the production value of the market.

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The opportunity of Latin America for apps and games

latin america

Due to high LTV and the easy localisation of social games in English-speaking countries such as the US, UK and Australia, most gaming companies are focused on these markets. Consequently, we are suffering an exponential growth of user acquisition costs that only the biggest publishers can afford. All other small and medium-sized developers should look for new niches, markets, games-genres or innovative game mechanics to reduce user acquisition costs and position themselves in the market in order to generate enough revenues to pay their bills.

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Diversifying user acquisition channels


Churn rate has become one of the most feared metrics for any freemium game. Developers must be continuously feeding the funnel in order to maintain a stable level of revenues. Once this ‘formula’ works, which may take many game alterations until it is achieved, developers will be able to scale their user base with higher marketing budgets. This means that the user acquisition strategies and marketing budget is always needed  in order to keep a game alive.Even if you are not scaling it due to the fact of churn.

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