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Alfonso Villar is a young engineer (not so young anymore) with an entrepreneurial spirit, talented, motivated and with proven experience in developing Business Digital Projects. What he most likes about his job is that good ideas are carried out with a good technical plan and passion in order to get things done in an effective manner.

Born in Spain in 1984 and raised up in Madrid until he was 23 years old. Then he moved to Palma de Mallorca where he developed his professional career.

With a Master in Computer Sciences Alfonso Villar started working as Community Manager of a social network focused on leisure and entertainment (Wamba) reaching the position of Product Manager being the main responsible for all developments, maintenance and improvements of the site.

After that he started his career in the gaming industry managing the development and production of a virtual world for kids called Minics from its beginnings as Game Producer in Uruguay being responsible for game design, project management and quality assurance.

When he came back to Spain, he started helping Mola, a Spanish investor & incubator to produce and analyze some of their ventures and/or incubated projects as Project Manager & Business Analyst. During such period he also launched his own R&D project (Simach) and founded Playspace in 2011 with the aim to become the main Spanish & Latin America social game developer.

Alfonso Villar is passionate about learning on both sides as he has been teacher of End of Career Projects in the University, videogames development teacher and mentor of entrepreneur programs. He also has an Executive MBA and a Master in Human Resources to his personal development managing Playspace.

During his free time he loves scuba diving,  to read business and management books, to write on a blog his personal and professional experiences and learnings and investing time with friends and family.

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Alfonso Villar
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