Social casino entry barriers

Social Casino

Product and technology are one of the most valuable parts of any Social Casino company. Whilst real-money gaming industry is competing with relatively similar products and different CPA offers, the Social Casino industry differs by mainly competing through their game quality and increasing the production value of the market.

Production values must rise to meet player expectations as platforms, technologies and the industry themselves mature.  The rising cost of game development is something we have seen before in many gaming verticals and is a common pattern across any industry. Continue reading “Social casino entry barriers”

The opportunity of Latin America for apps and games

latin america

Due to high LTV and the easy localisation of social games in English-speaking countries such as the US, UK and Australia, most gaming companies are focused on these markets. Consequently, we are suffering an exponential growth of user acquisition costs that only the biggest publishers can afford. All other small and medium-sized developers should look for new niches, markets, games-genres or innovative game mechanics to reduce user acquisition costs and position themselves in the market in order to generate enough revenues to pay their bills.

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